Important Info


* Direct flight to Yogyakarta

There are direct flight to Yogyakarta from :

   – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by : Air Asia

   – Singapore by : Air Asia, Tiger Air

* Visa on Arrival

You can obtain Indonesia visa upon your arrival.

Please check here for details :

* Airport Pickup

We will arrange airport pick-up upon your arrival. So please send us your flight details by email.

* Transit arrangement in Jakarta & Flight to Yogyakarta

There are many flights from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, however, if you transit in Jakarta, we suggest you to take the first flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. We will arrange your transit pick-up and hotel in Jakarta.

* Currency

The Indonesian currency is Rupiah (Rp). The current rupiah consists of coins from 50 rupiah up to 1000, and from banknotes of 1000 rupiah up to 100,000 rupiah.

The exchange rate is about US$1 = 12,200  rupiah ; EUR 1 = 16,800 rupiah ; AUD 1 = 11,000 rupiah (12 December 2013).

There are money changers available at the airport.
For updated exchange-rate, please check here.

* Calling Home

For cheap rate to call home from mobile phone, we recommend you to use local number of “SIMPATI” SIM card. Dial : 01017 + Country code + Area code + Tel. No.

* Bring in plants & seeds

Bringing plants and seeds into Indonesia is prohibited. But if you are planning to bring your bonsai for the exhibition or any plants’ seeds, please let us know far in advance so we can do the arrangement on your arrival.

* Bring out plants

Bringing plants out from Indonesia is prohibited. But if you will bring any plants out when leaving, we will help you to obtain the Phytosanitary Certificate from the Quarantine Dept.

There will be many bonsai nurseries at the vendors area offering different bonsai materials. We will offer packing facility as well.

* Costume for “International Culture Night”

All participants to the “International Culture Night” at Keraton “King” Palace are suggested to dress their traditional or national costume. We also request each international delegate to prepare performance of their traditional or national culture.

You can download our brochure at my DropBox.

For any info, please contact : [email protected]


For any question, please contact :  [email protected]